How we hire


Our hiring process has two key goals; hire right and hire fast.

In most cases, all of our interviews are done remotely via Zoom, however we do offer the option in some cases for you to visit our Perth office. Don’t hesitate to let us know your preferences.

Throughout the hiring process, we’ll provide you with real insight into what it’s like to work at Healthengine, not just within the role you’d be performing, but within the broader culture. It’s a two-way process, so be prepared to interview us to ensure we fit with you.

First point of contact

Great news – we’ve received your application! Now what?

If you are unsuccessful, you will always hear from us. Candidate experience is our top priority so we’ll always keep lines of communication open. If you are successful, someone from our People Team will give you a call to start the hiring process with a phone interview.

Our phone interviews are short and sharp, and are an opportunity for you to share with us your career aspirations and experience, and tell us why you think Healthengine is the place for you. We’ll also use this time to tell you some more about Healthengine and our culture.

Show us what you got

For some roles, we may begin with short challenges that assess your skills at a high level. If you’ve applied for an Engineering role, you will be asked to complete a 60-minute coding challenge online. If you’ve applied for a Design role, we may request the completion of a design challenge.

There are two (or more depending on the type of role you’ve applied for) opportunities for interview to showcase your experience, as well as your Healthengine-ness.

Technical Interviews are focused around your experience and skillset relating to the job, which may involve detailed discussions, portfolio reviews for Designers and coding challenges for Engineers. These interviews range in time anywhere from 1-hour to 2.5-hours depending on the role and structure.

Culture fit is very important to us, so we’re on the lookout for like-minded individuals who are aligned with our ways of working. Value-fit Interviews are conducted by members of our value-fit committee and focus on behavioural based competency questions that help us to identify how you respond and behave in real-life scenarios. Based on this, doing some reflection on your previous experience is a good way to prepare! Value-fit interviews always run for 45-minutes.

Meet the CEO

We have a passionate leader who values each and everyone one of us. The final stage of our hiring process is the opportunity to meet with our CEO, Dan Stinton. He’s interested in hearing all about your passions and motivations as well as sharing more information about Healthengine and what awaits our bright future.

This meeting lasts no more than 30-minutes.

In the event that Dan is unavailable, a member of our Executive Leadership Team will step in to meet you.

Circle Back Initiative Employer

We are a 2023 Circle Back Initiative Employer – we commit to respond to every applicant.

Regardless of the outcome of your application, you will always hear from us. If you have been through an interview process and was unsuccessful, please don’t hesitate to ask for detailed feedback. We love to help others improve.